FAQ Create a picture album on DVD with photos taken during your Hawaiian Honeymoon or Family Vacation.

Frequently Asked Questions
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Q Will the picture's horizontal and vertical orientation be changed?
A No problem! Pictures will all face one direction despite the angle taken. Line
Q Can I take out any unwanted pictures?
A Yes. You may choose the pictures you want included at the time if order. Line
Q Can I alter the brightness of the pictures?
A Unfortunately we are unable to alter brightness.
Please utilize the flash function on your camera when in dark areas. Line
Q When will it be ready for pick up?
A If orders are placed before noon, your DVD will be ready that evening. Afternoon and evening orders will be completed the morning of the following day. We also mail orders (any amount, anywhere) for $5.
Q Can you send it to the hotel I am staying?
A The service is available; however as vacationers are often not found in their room, the hotel reception will keep it on hold, which may result in loss (and/or miscommunication of the item's pick-up). Due to the many risks, we ask that you collect your order at our reception desk. Line
Q Dose it matter what kind of digital camera I use?
A We accept all digital camera makes and models. Line

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